In 1976, Goldilocks of Southern California opened its doors for the first time in North America. This was followed in the early eighties with store openings in Vermont and West Covina.

The Panorama City store was inaugurated on Valentine's Day 2001. The central manufacturing was also opened in Santa Fe Springs at the end of year 2001 and now supplies most of the Southern California stores' needs. Cerritos, Eagle Rock (Los Angeles), and North Hills were opened thereafter. The central manufacturing facility was built to better meet the growing demand of its loyal customers. 

Goldilocks first made its appearance in the San Francisco  Bay Area in 1979.  Goldilocks Canada on the other hand, opened its stores in Vancouver in 1984.  Although it has only one retail store, it supplies Goldilocks products to Asian food stores across Canada. Today, the Northern California operations consist of eight retail stores in San Francisco, South San Francisco, San Jose, South San Jose (Aborn), Union City, Concord, Mountain View, and Milpitas. Plans are also underway to open more stores in other locations to serve loyal customers in the near future. Callan Blvd. Branch

The commissioning on August 1996 of this 57,000 sq. foot central commissary marked an important milestone in the history of Goldilocks in North America. This paradigm shift moved Goldilocks from a suburban mom-and-pop operation into the forefront of state-of-the-art manufacturing, with the ability to provide products not only for its own affiliate retail stores but for other institutional accounts such as Costco, Ferntrade, Supermarkets, and other wholesale customers. Over the last year, it has been able to accommodate its customers' unique requirements for products to meet the current market demands. With the addition of automated equipment  and USDA approval in 1998, Clarmil Manufacturingwith its highly skilled workforce (over 150 employees including management), has the capacity to cater to over 20 stores and manufacture for its Private Label and Co-Packing customers.

The dream of the founders and the vigorous expansion thrust, has positioned Goldilocks into a company that meets people's needs for high quality but affordable products as we begin the next millennium.

It all started with the fairy tale dream of the founders, who set out to bake and decorate cakes and pastries that would please brides, children, and customers with all sorts of celebration needs.  The goal of Goldilocks remains the same: For customers to come out of any Goldilocks store not only satisfied but delighted.



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