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Season's Best Ever
1 bag Biscocho (twice baked bread)
4 Mamon Classic
1 pack of Assorted Polvoron 8pcs.
1 pack Hopia Black Bean Hopia 5pcs.
1 pack Yellow Bean Hopia 5pcs.
1 pack Ube Hopia 5pcs.
1 pack Flavored with Pork Hopia 5pcs.


Item No: HLarge  Price:  $27.00

Santa's Surprise
4 pcs Brownies
1 pack Chocolate Crinkles 6pcs
2 pcs Goldibar Chocolate
2 pcs Goldibar Marble
2 pcs Goldibar Vanilla

Item No: HMedium Price: $22.00

Sugar N' Nice
4 pcs Boat tart Macapuno
4 pcs Boat tart Ube
4 pcs Boat tart Jackfruit
3 pcs Polvoron Special
3 pcs Polvoron Pinipig
3 pcs Polvoron Ube
3 pcs Polvoron Cookies and Cream

Item No: HSmall Price: $20.00

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