12 pcs Mamon Classic


Goldilocks’ Classic Mamon is a soft and rich soft and rich French Sponge Cake that leaves a delightful feeling in your mouth. It’s hard not to love this delectable snack made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. It covers your mouth with a rich buttery flavor without the greasy after taste.

It’s a perfect snack for quiet afternoons and loud family reunions, and almost everyone who first bites into our mamon instantly falls in love with it. A box of them can easily turn any Filipino gathering into a grand party. Everybody including Americans and other nationalities who have tried it also says its soft yet rich mouth feel is a unique combination that leaves them wanting more.

Bring home a box of our world-famous Mamon to your family and friends because they deserve the best treats. If you want to buy French sponge cakes, order online or visit one of our stores.

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