Ubelicious Ensaymada Hugs

Available in Stores

Goldilocks Ubelicious Ensaymada Hugs are bite-sized versions of our Goldilocks Ensaymada made extra special with premium ube halaya.

A scrumptious brioche and a tantalizing sprinkling of sugar are the components that make Ensaymada the mouth-watering treat that it is. Pop one in the toaster oven to experience the melt-in-your mouth sensation as brought to life by the harmony of the crisp, toasted exterior and the warm, soft sweetness inside. Share it with a friend over a fresh cup of coffee, enjoy dunking a piece in a steaming mug of hot chocolate, or savor the simple pleasure by itself.
In any way, style, or manner, Goldilocks Ensaymada Hugs is essentially a comfort food anytime, all the time!