Ensaymada’s Best


When you’re craving for only the best… this Ensaymada package is classic and timeless.

Goldilocks is famous for its Classic Ensaymada; sweet brioche bread twisted and twirled- the traditional way and then topped with creamed butter, sugar and real cheese. It’s more than just cheesy – it’s loaded with goodness. Plus it has the other Ensaymada flavors that everyone loves – Ube Ensaymada, Ubelicious (Premium Ube) Ensaymada and Macapuno Ensaymada

Contains: 18 pcs. Ensaymada – Assorted flavors: 5 Classic Ensaymada, 4 Ensaymada W/ Ube, 5 Ubelicious Ensaymada, 4 Ensaymada W/ Macapuno

SKU: FB16410 -XL 10lbs (FB16350 Classic Ensaymada (5), FB16380 Ensaymada W/ Ube (4), FB16416 Ubelicious Ensaymada (5), FB16370 Ensaymada W/ Macapuno (4)) Categories: , Tag: